Coomera Boat & Caravan Storage


            What's Available:

            * Storage from $20/week                                  * Fully Gated & Locked areas

            * Outside & Inside Storage                               * Storage for Boats, Trailers,     

            * 24hr Camera Surveillance                                Caravans, Containers etc

Going away on great trips riding your own caravan or on your boat is a wonderfully exhilarating experience. However, when you come back from your adventures, you need a place to store your caravan or boat to ensure it is in perfect condition for your next trip.

Coomera Boat & Caravan Storage provides the perfect storage place for your caravan and boat. 

Do you really need a special storage centre to park your caravan or boat?

Well, you can consider parking your caravan on your driveway or on the carport or the front yard. But would that not be a waste of space? Do you really think that your vehicle is going to be safe if you park it without appropriate shelter?

Caravans and boats are expensive vehicles. You buy them so that you can use them for years to come. Unless you ensure that they are stored in a safe place, you cannot use them for long because they are bound to get damaged. The expenses you incur on getting them repaired can burn a hole in your pocket.

All you have to do to avoid all these unnecessary expenses is to store your vehicle in a professional storage centre like ours. After all, paying a few dollars every month to secure your vehicle is a far better option than spending hundreds or thousands on repair. Furthermore, boats and caravans are large vehicles and take up a lot of parking space on your premises. You can regain the space by moving them to a specialised storage area.

Why Coomera for boat storage?

At Coomera Boat & Caravan Storage, we own an enclosed storage centre equipped with state of the art safety and security facilities. 

  • Flexibility: Store your vehicle for a week or for a few months
  • Convenience: Large storage area with plenty of manoeuvring room, making it easy to drive and drive out
  • Security: Robust security measures including round the clock camera surveillance, secure fencing around the perimeter, and fully gated and locked areas
  • Affordability: Reasonable rates based on your storage requirements
We have been in the caravan and boat storage business for several years. We have the experience as well as the expertise to ensure safety of your vehicle.
Contact us or call 0400 458 868 (Darren) for more details about our storage service.